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After graduating from Cambridge and the University of Sussex, where he gained a doctorate in industrial economics, Tony Golding spent several years with an international electronics company. He entered the City in 1974 and spent 24 years there, starting as an investment analyst with a small, research-based firm of stockbrokers. In 1978 he joined Flemings, the London-based investment bank (which is now part of J.P.Morgan Chase), becoming a director and head of research in the asset management division.

Before Big Bang in 1986 he took responsibility for setting up the research and sales functions in Flemings’ newly established securities operation. In 1989 he moved over to investment banking, where he specialized in the generation and marketing of acquisition and equity-financing ideas in several industry sectors, both in the UK and internationally. He left in 1998 to write this book.

Many people in the City can lay claim to an in-depth knowledge of institutional investment or securities or investment banking, but very few have first-hand experience of working at director level in all three. In writing this book, Tony Golding has drawn extensively on the all-round perspective that his varied career has given him.

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