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The City: Inside the Great Expectation Machine.

Myth and Reality in Institutional Investment and the Stock Market

By Tony Golding

Second edition, published September 2002 (Financial Times Prentice Hall). List price 12.99.


The City of London is such a dominant and pervasive part of British life. Yet few understand fully what it does and how it exerts its influence on quoted companies, both large and small. "The City:Inside the Great Expectation Machine" demystifies the world of the major investment institutions, explaining how the fund managers controlling pension funds, insurance funds and unit trusts, who dominate stock market trading and ownership, make their decisions.

Based on over two decades of first-hand experience, "The City: Inside The Great Expectation Machine" offers everyone, whatever their knowledge base, genuinely fresh and original insights into the closed and closely connected worlds of institutional investment and investment banking.

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